Roasts You Should Know: Soulmate

We often get a variety of questions about each of our Honduran coffee roasts here at Alma Coffee.  

Some are fairly simple and straightforward, such as “what does this coffee taste like?” or “what brewing method do you suggest?” Other inquiries, conversely, are more ambiguous and ambitious, with one of our favs of all time being “should I fine grind the ___ roast if I’m going to be AeroPressing it at 352 ft. above sea level?” 

A 12 ounce package of Alma's Soulmate Roast

Well, you've been asking and we’ve been listening: we want to provide you with a bit more background into our coffee roasts, information that you typically wouldn't find in the FAQ page. 

Today we’d like to introduce you to the “Roasts You Should Know” (RYSK) series, a new addition to our Alma-nac blog series that highlights the origin, roasting process, and tasting notes of a select fan-favorite coffee.  

For our inaugural RYSK post in February of 2021, we want to introduce you to the Soulmate, a medium roast that has cemented itself as our most popular and versatile single-origin coffee. 

Where does the SOulmate Roast come from? 👩‍🌾

Starting at the farming level, our Soulmate roast is a single origin wet-wash coffee from our family farm, “Finca La Unica” in Corquin, Honduras. 

When we say “wet-wash,” we are referring to the processing method that turns raw coffee cherries into the more familiar un-roasted form of coffee commonly referred to as “green bean.”  

Coffee cherries in the "wet wash"

We’ll definitely dedicate a future blog post to all of the different washing processes and why they matter (other delicious roasts, such as the Natural Process or Honey Process, are processed a bit differently), but for now it’s important to note that we chose a wet-wash process for the Soulmate roast because it allows for greater control, scalability and consistency.  

Soulmate is a cool name, how did you come up with it? 💙

Originally, the name “Soulmate” wasn’t even in our coffee roasting nomenclature. In fact, Alma Coffee as you know it today was “Copan Coffee Roasters (CCR)” yesterday, and the original names for all of our roasts were centered primarily around location and profile. 

The Soulmate roast, for instance, was formally referred to as the “Finca La Unica Medium Roast” when we were roasting beans as CCR.  

Five bags of Alma Coffee, from the early design to the latest desgin.

But that changed when we shifted to the Alma brand. Even under the title of CCR, the Finca La Unica Medium Roast was our most popular single origin Honduran coffee.  

"Alma Coffee as you know it today was “Copan Coffee Roasters (CCR)” yesterday, and the original names for all of our roasts were centered around location and profile."

During the branding shift we knew this medium roast would make a great centerpiece to our lineup. So, with Alma meaning “Soul” in Spanish, the name “Soulmate” quickly grew on our roasting team for a lot of different reasons.  

We wanted to express how perfect and versatile this medium roast was: it’s the coffee you can drink anytime, anyway, and anywhere without having to worry about the nuances of brew time or technique

Just like with a real-life soulmate, the Soulmate roast is perfect every time, all the time.  

What about the roasting process? 🔥

Back when we started roasting coffee under the alias of Copan Coffee Roasters, we knew from the get-go that a medium roast would be the most popular offering in the long run. 

We would argue that, just like the three bears in the fable of Goldilocks, the coffee drinking world tends to gravitate towards what they consider a “just right” medium roast that balances all ends of the light and dark spectrum.  

Roaster smelling beans

However, we didn’t get that “just right” taste on our first try. 

One of our founders, Harry Hutchins, spent months toiling and testing washed-process beans from Finca La Unica. Eventually he landed on the perfect recipe that would become our Soulmate roast, but that didn't happen in a vacuum.

We took extensive notes from feedback given by fellow master roasters, friends, and family before we landed on the “Finca La Unica Medium Roast,” or, as you now know it, the “Soulmate” medium roast.  

"We would argue that, just like the three bears in the fable of Goldilocks, the coffee drinking world tends to gravitate towards what they consider a 'just right' medium roast that balances all ends of the light and dark spectrum.  "

Even to this day we encourage feedback on our Soulmate roast from coffee lovers and customers across the world. We want to continue bringing you the perfect cup of medium coffee every morning, afternoon, evening, or late-night brew.  

Tasting notes and brewing recommendations ✅

Hopefully this blog clears up a lot of questions you may have had about the origin of the Soulmate roast, but we know there’s probably still an important stone left unturned—what’s the best method for enjoying it?  

As we laid out above, what makes Soulmate our most popular and versatile roast is a combination of farming, washing, and roasting consistencies. 

However, even after years of continuing to perfect this medium coffee to maximize the tasting notes, we are also confident that this single-origin roast can be enjoyed across the entire brewing spectrum.  

Bag of coffee surrounded by different brewing techniques.

From drip coffee to espresso, there’s no doubt you will taste bold milk chocolate, clementine, and candied walnuts in every sip of our Soulmate roast. 

But, if you’re wondering what we think is the best way to brew this coffee, our vote goes to tried and true: drip brew.  

We also recommend giving this roast a pass under the high-pressure of an espresso machine. Personally, and I’m breaking the fourth wall here as the Alma blog writer, I find that the nuttiness of the coffee really comes out full force when it's brewed as espresso! 

Try our soulmate medium roast for yourself and let us know what you think!

Bag of Soulmate in tree

Soulmate is a coffee with a story as extensive as its tasting notes. Regardless of how or when you like to enjoy coffee, Soulmate is one of the prized jewels of our coffee roasting journey and we would love if you experienced the medium roast with us! Pick up a bag today!  

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  • Interesting information about brewing. What about French Press? More natural oil transfer that way without the drip pressure. What are your thoughts?

    Dave Sanek
  • An interesting, informative post on the Soulmate roast. Looking forward to posts on the other roasts, especially my favorite – Passion.

    Joe Clemons

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