Honduran Specialty Coffee Farmers | Copan Coffee Roasters (CCR)

Al Lopez (Left), Leticia Lopez Hutchins (Center), and Harry Hutchins (Right)

Copan Coffee Roaster's Story

In December of 2017; Al, Leticia, and Harry sat down for dinner and began discussing the future of their Honduran coffee farms and their future goals. The idea of Copan Coffee Roasters (aka CCR) was born, founded on the principal of bringing change to the coffee industry.

Harry and Leticia were newlyweds and 2 years into their professional careers in public accounting. They had been involving themselves in the family coffee farm for years and decided they wanted to switch career paths so that they could focus on making a positive impact on the world through coffee.

Al (Leticia's Dad) was born and raised in Honduras, a retired executive, USA veteran, and in 2010 became a 4th generation Honduran coffee farmer. He bought Finca Terrerito (157 acres of undeveloped farm land) and never looked back. He now has a model farm in Corquin, Copan, Honduras! 

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By January 2018, CCR was officially born. Al had the coffee farming down, but Harry and Leticia wanted to expand within the specialty coffee industry. They decided to work backwards, looking at everything from a producer perspective with the goal of making the industry better and bringing awareness on each step of the coffee cycle all the way from seed to cup. To accomplish this, Leticia purchased a new farm, Finca La Unica. With 75 acres of wild specialty coffee, she chose to work with the natural elements of the land, and handpick coffee seedlings that would grow harmoniously with the existing environment and be ready for their handcrafted roasting. For Leticia, being a Honduran woman that owned her own coffee farm was just the first step in bringing awareness to women and their critical role in the coffee industry.

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Working with their own farms was not enough. CCR wanted to provide opportunities for struggling farmers, starting with the Copan region of Honduras. Knowing that other farmers plant, pick, and process coffee differently, CCR would be able to provide a menu of coffee options tailored to all palettes while making coffee farming sustainable for their lifestyles.

Our Vision | For Those Who Care

Can you imagine a future without coffee? We can't and for this reason we hope to make the coffee industry sustainable. The green bean market price of coffee is at a 40 year low. For farmers in developing countries, this is simply not enough for them to live of off. In many cases farmers have become so desperate to feed their families that they have burned their coffee farms and planted other crops to make a living.

Our vision is to source ethically & sustainably, empower farmers, and roast amazing coffee! Our slogan, 'for those who care' defines our vision perfectly. As farmers and roasters we care about the coffee industry and are actively working to make it better throughout every step of the supply chain. We believe our customers will also live by this slogan, choosing to buy our coffee because they know the positive impact their purchase makes.

Our Coffee

We are specialty coffee farmers and our passion begins there. We pride ourselves on knowing the farms we source from. We take part in the selection of seedlings, managing the trees, and striving to continously improve crop quality, not only in our farms, but neighboring farms as well.

We are passionate about the coffee we source. As both farmers and roasters, we take into consideration the variety, altitude, micro-climates, and harvesting & processing methods. With this knowledge, we roast in small batches and cup profiles until we have found the perfect roast. By understanding the journey the coffee has taken from seed to cup, we are able to craft the perfect cup of coffee.