The ALMAnac

  • We Tried Hot Sauce in Coffee so You Don't Have to

    Hot sauce in coffee? That's right... Watch us (painstakingly) try the latest coffee/internet trend!
  • How Your Alma Coffee Purchase Improves Lives

    Meet Carmen and Marcial, two team members whose lives have been directly improved by the support of people just like you.
  • What is Nitro Cold Brew?

    You may have seen nitro cold brew here and there or at Alma Coffee’s pop-up cafe, but what actually is it?
  • Does Coffee Grind Size Matter?

    This week, we answer a question as old as time: does coffee grind size actually matter?
  • The Evolution of Manual Coffee Brewing pt. 1

    In part 1 of 2, we walk you through the history of coffee brewing starting with the first (patented) manual brewing devices!
  • What Makes Decaf, Decaf?

    To clear up any confusion you might have about the difference between decaf and regular coffee, we are dedicated this week's blog to the processes of decaffeination in coffee!
  • Meet the Alma Familia!

    Learn more about the faces behind your favorite cup of coffee in this week's Alma-nac blog post!
  • Top 6 Coffee Cocktails for Summer 2021

    We'll be sharing our top 6 favorite Coffee Cocktails for the Summer of 2021 and trying them out in an exclusive "react" video.
  • What is coffee blooming?

    Not to be confused with blooming flowers, coffee "blooming" is an important and often overlooked aspect of the brewing process.
  • How to Use The Coffee Flavor Wheel

    This week, we want to introduce you to the iconic Coffee Flavor Wheel, explain why it exists, and then show you how to use this famous infographic to quickly and easily pinpoint specific flavors in your coffee. 
  • Roasts You Should Know: Belen Gualcho (2021)

    Learn everything you need to know about our lightest and brightest coffee roast, Belen Gualcho.
  • Sustainable Practices from Farm to Cup

    This Earth Day, we wanted to give you an insider’s perspective on how our family farm, Finca Terrerito, has helped Alma Coffee achieve a commitment to sustainable practices in everything we do!