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    Learn everything there is to know about Alma's Honey Process roast, from origin, processing, roasting, and brewing!
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    Learn about the latest sustainable investments we've made at our Holly Springs, GA warehouse and roastery to help mitigate the worst effects of climate change!
  • The Mujeres Roast: Honoring Women Within the Coffee Industry (2022)

    In line with International Women Day’s 2022 theme of #breakthebias, Alma is bringing special attention to female leaders who have broken gender biases across our coffee supply chain.

  • What is Coffee Processing?

    What is it mean to "wash" coffee? Learn about the different coffee processing methods used to turn raw coffee cherry into roast-ready green bean!
  • ♻️ Recyclable Mailers are HERE!

    We'd like to introduce you to the newest addition in our growing list of sustainable practices here at Alma Coffee: 100% Recyclable Single & Double Mailer Bags!
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    A list of Alma's 2021 most favorite moments and accomplishments, in no particular order (we promise).
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