Already a Wholesale Partner?

Roasted Coffee

Do you have a business or organization interested in partnering with us to offer direct trade farm-to-cup coffee? At Alma, we freshly roast to perfection in small batches in our state of the art Loring Smart Roaster in North Georgia. Interested in learning about our wholesale partnerships? Email us below! 

We Currently Work With: Cafes, Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries, Churches, Schools, Offices, Hotels and much more!

Customize Your Alma

Interested in a co-brand or private label with Alma? Our journey begins with a tour of our roastery and a coffee sampling. Once you find your perfect coffee, we work together to come up with the perfect packaging to represent your brand!

Green Bean

Are you a fellow roaster interested in a direct trade sourcing relationship? Visit our sister website below and request free samples of our green bean offerings. We store all our green bean in our state of the art climate controlled warehouse in North Georgia. So whether you are looking for a sack, a pallet, or a container, we can meet your needs!