Introducing our NEW 2.0 Website!

Introducing our NEW 2.0 Website!

OCTOBER 2nd, 2022


A new website, a new & improved shopping experience!

Today, we're dedicating our bi-monthly blog post to something we don't normally write about in detail: our website design.

You see, for those who have been a part of the Alma Familia since our "Copan Coffee Roaster" days, you know that we've gone through quite a few design renditions when it comes to our branding, website, and roasted coffee. 

However, although we've expanded and improved our roasted coffee and branding too many times to mention, our website design has only truly undergone one change: when we switched from Copan Coffee Roasters to Alma Coffee. 

We've recently spent the last few months redesigning our website interface and visual design between all of the creative brains here at Alma Coffee, and we're more than excited to give you a quick breakdown of exactly what has changed and why.

BEFORE READING FURTHER, be sure to watch our full 20-min vlog (shot and edited by our own Kevin Nordeste) to see and hear this new website transformation from each member of the team! The following blog details what is covered in the aforementioned vlog, so definitely give it a watch if you want more information and insight this blog doesn't cover.

Now, without further ado...

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#1: New Product Photos!

Although we LOVED our old product photo aesthetic (bottom left pic), our new product photos are intentionally curated to simplify a process that some find endlessly confusing...

We often get questions about tasting notes and roast profile on our coffees, especially when our old website design was active; We saw this confusion mainly attributed to the arrangement of our old product pages, which co-owner Leticia and Digital Media Manager Kelley cover in detail at 00:12:00 in the website update vlog!

Q Grader testing coffee

HUGE shoutout to Kevin Nordeste, a new member of the Alma Marketing team, who dedicated two full weeks to brainstorming, shooting, editing, and redo-ing product photos of our coffee (and soon to tackle merchandise). Kevin covers this process throughout most of the vlog and makes it look easier than it probably was!

#2: New Product Descriptions!

While we were tackling product photos, we realized another crucial element of our website design was in need of serious upgrade: our product descriptions!

Coffee farm from above

For roasted coffee specifically, we knew that revamping product descriptions meant telling you, our Alma Coffee familia, a detailed story of where your favorite coffee comes from and how it's roasted!

After brainstorming and performing user survey research on what to dedicate new product descriptions towards, Leticia tackled the origin and roasting story of each of our 16 available coffees with Alma's in-house copyeditor Kelley.

The result? You can now learn more than ever about each of our coffees, including where it comes from, how its grown, how it aligns with our 3 key pillars, and why we roast it the way we do!

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#3: New 'Coffee Club' Subscription Platform!

Finally, we want to cover one of the biggest upgrades we've recently made to our website: revamping our 'Coffee Club' subscription portal!

After hearing great feedback from many of our loyal coffee club subscribers over the years about how we could improve your experience, we decided to finally put our money where our mouth was. 

Our new subscription portal—now hosted in a completely new server—allows you to manage your subscription like never before: you can activate, cancel, pause, and/or modify your subscription status all without ever having to give us a call or write an email! 

We'll definitely cover these exciting upgrades in more details soon, but HUGE props to our own Max Folger for researching and implementing these exciting changes. You can hear more details about these upgrades from Max himself at 00:06:30 of the vlog.

Check out the new & improved and let us know what you think!

Although our work is far from over, we're excited to be debuting these major upgrades to our website look and interface today and hope you are too!

Our marketing team dedicates a LOT of time to making your coffee shopping experience amazing, so please let us know in the comments below what you think of the new changes and what you'd like to see us improve next!

Written by: Kelley Bostian

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