2024 Projected Coffee Trends

2024 Projected Coffee Trends

Coffee is an ever-changing field. There are always new ways to brew, roast, farm, etc. that we are constantly trying to keep up with every year. Coffee is consistently a staple in most homes, especially here in the U.S., but it seems every year, people find new and innovative ways to brew their morning cup of joe. 

2024 Projected Coffee Trends



As a company that was built on ethical and sustainable practices, we are so happy to see other coffee businesses take the same road. The entire process of creating coffee can have disastrous environmental effects if not handled with care and a conscientious effort towards sustainability. At Alma, we are involved in the entire process; from cultivation to creation, we are with that coffee bean every step of the way. At our farms in Honduras, we make sure that the planting and harvesting processes are entirely eco-friendly. We are steadfast in our commitment to keeping the land as nature intends it to be. We will work around the trees before even considering tearing them down. Furthermore, each coffee cherry is handpicked from our thousands of coffee cherry bushes to avoid damage from heavy machinery. They are then processed through one of our three methods: wet-wash, honey, or natural process. After the beans undergo this process, they are packaged in eco-friendly coffee jutes and sent to us here in Holly Springs, GA. 


At our HQ in Holly Springs, we are diligent in preserving the quality of the coffee while simultaneously practicing the same standard of sustainability. From compostable straws to a high-tech Loring machine, we are committed to being green. If you haven’t heard us talk about it yet, the Loring machine is what we use to roast our beans. The machine was created to be the best on the market while simultaneously being the most environmentally friendly. Compared to a traditional roaster, the Loring machine provides up to 80% fuel-savings and guarantees a reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast. The machines we have in the roastery, the S15 Falcon and S35 Kestrel, were some of the first Loring machines installed in the state of Georgia. We are proud to be leading the initiative to clean roasting. If you haven’t had the chance, we encourage you to stop by the café to see the Loring roaster in action. 

Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Cold brew is one of the easiest and most versatile forms of brewing coffee. An easy tool for creating a single batch of cold brew is the French Press. All you need to do is simply put grounds of your favorite coffee in the press along with cold water and allow it to steep overnight. Then, when you wake up in the morning, go ahead and press the grinds and… voila! There is nothing that hits quite like a fresh batch of cold brew. Cold brew is one of our favorites here at Alma because it is refreshing while still maintaining the bold, rich flavor of coffee. 

One of our absolute favorite roasts to make into a cold brew is Frio. Frio creates a deliciously balanced cup of cold brew with traditional chocolate and nut notes and an underlying complexity of natural fruit. Add some salted caramel cold foam on top and you’ve got a gem. 

Coffee Bar

At-Home Coffee Bars

We know that coming in and getting coffee from the café every day is unrealistic, but what about having extraordinary coffee every day from the comfort of your own home? Right now, one of the hottest trends on Pinterest is “how to make your own at-home coffee bar.” If you’re looking for some of the best at-home coffee bar tools and equipment, we’ve got you covered! Both on our website and in-store we have what we consider to be the best of the best. From the at-home Baratza Encore Grinder to the Chemex, we’ve got all you need for the perfect set-up! Not to mention the most important part of every at-home coffee bar: the coffee! All our roasts can be ground to fit whatever brewing method you may choose! If you ever have any questions about how to use any of the brewing machines you have purchased from us (or just coffee questions in general) shoot us an email at wecare@myalmacoffee.com or stop by the café to talk to one of our team members! 

Coffee Club Subscription

Coffee Subscriptions

You know we are always reppin' that Alma Coffee Club!!! Seriously though… one of the biggest trends to come in 2024 for coffee is an increase in subscriptions. Extraordinary coffee delivered straight to your door AND free shipping?!?! Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than that! You can get anywhere from 1-4 bags delivered straight to you or, because we know you just can’t get enough of the Alma Brew Crew, you can pick up your coffee in the café! You can choose from any of our many roasts, and if you’re not feeling it anymore, you can change or cancel your subscription at any time!

Functional Coffee

Functional Coffee

We are all on that health grind this year, myself included. One of the best, and easiest, ways to ensure you’re getting your day’s worth of nutrients is through functional coffee. A few of the most popular forms of functional coffee include adding CBD, collagen, superfoods, adaptogens, or chaga to your coffee. These are all amazing ways to sneak in some nutrients and make your coffee another avenue of accomplishing your new year’s resolution to be healthier. Our coffee pairs well with whatever you add to it honestly, but if you’re looking for a recipe to try, here’s some of our favorites (just FYI, we do not currently offer these in the cafe): 

Collagen Latte 

  • Collagen (of your choosing) 
  • Steamed Milk 
  • 2 Shots of Espresso

Bulletproof Coffee 

  • MTC Oil or Butter (of your choosing) 
  • 8 oz of brewed Soulmate 
  • Splash of Heavy Cream 


The trends are endless and every changing, especially in an industry like coffee where innovation is of utmost importance. At Alma Coffee, we believe that the base product you use to participate in these trends must be top-tier, and that’s where we come in. Whether you’re making overnight cold brew, or putting additives in your morning cup of joe, you can’t go wrong starting with Alma Coffee.

If you haven’t quite bitten the bullet and ordered from us, I can promise you that the coffee you receive is incomparable to anything you’ve had before. From both a taste aspect and a creation aspect, our coffee is one that aims to change the industry as a whole. 


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