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Coffee Processing Vial

Coffee Processing Vial

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So, what's so special about our coffee processing vial? This sleek display of raw coffee is a statement piece that will quickly become your favorite conversation starter around the at-home coffee bar and remind you of the many steps that went into your favorite coffee.


Inside each vial, you'll get samples of a natural process, honey process, and wet wash coffee still in parchment (or 'husk') with samples of export ready green bean resting on top. We love this visual representation because it also shows you the inner layers of a coffee bean: the exterior cherry (natural), the inner nectar (honey), and the parchment.


And that's why this vial is so special for coffee lovers: in parchment form, coffee typically doesn't get exported because it adds weight and takes up space in container shipments; So, right before export, coffee is 'de-husked' into its green bean form that many roasters are so familiar with.


Read more about the coffee processing methods represented in these vials by reading our full-length blog on coffee processing here.

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