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cascara coffee cherry tea from alma coffee

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cascara coffee cherry tea from alma coffee
cascara, dried coffee cherry husk tea inside an alma coffee bag
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About this Product

If you’ve never heard of cascara before then don’t worrymost coffee lovers haven’t! Cascara literally translates to “husk” in Spanish, and that is exactly what it is: the skin or the husk of the coffee cherry fruit. Cascara has two main uses at our family farms: 


Use 1: Using specific varieties of coffee cherries from specific areas of the farm, we will process this coffee very strategically to collect the cascara, wash it, and then dry on our raised air beds. This must be done very intentionally as it requires constant monitoring to ensure the cascara is drying properly. The end result is deliciously floral and spice forward cascara that can be steeped like a loose-leaf tea and enjoyed as such. Cascara doesn’t taste anything like coffee and contains about 20% the amount of caffeine when compared to a coffee counterpart, but is a great option to have around the house for those that enjoy the tasting notes of lighter coffees or floral teas.  


Use 2: Cascara that isn’t strategically separated to be exported goes through our normal coffee processing too; However, the husk is separated from the bean during wet washing and is then transported to a holding chamber. Throughout the season we’ll collect cascara in this chamber (which often looks like a mountain during harvest season) and spread it along the farm as organic fertilizer. Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite ways of using all parts of the coffee cherry on the farm in a sustainable and organic way. 

Coffee Bag Size Chart

Bag Size

Cups (6oz)


~23 Cups


~60 Cups


~151 Cups

Grind Type Size Chart

Grind Type

For Brewing With

Whole Bean

All methods! You will need a grinder but grinding fresh before you brew is the best way to enjoy coffee!

Regular / Keurig

If you have a drip machine or keurig machine, this fine-medium grind will be the one for you. Gifting coffee to a friend? This is your safest best as it is the most common grind size.

Pour Over

If you have a chemex, V60, or other type of pour over method, this medium-coarse grind will be the one for you. This grind words best when using paper filters.

French Press

For any submersion brewing methods such as french press or cold brew. This extra coarse grind will be perfect for you!

Brewing Tips

To ensure the perfect cup, we recommend brewing Alma coffee by:

❤️ Using freshly ground coffee

❤️ Using 15 grams of coffee per 250ml of water (or about 2 tbsp of coffee per 6oz of water) for each serving

❤️ Using your preferred brewing method

Alma Coffee is meant to be fun and experimental. Adjust our measurements to your taste based on how you enjoy your fresh cup of coffee. Try unlocking new experiences with your favorite roast by brewing over Cold Brew or Espresso

Check out our Brew Guides for more!

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Freshly Roasted

We take pride in roasting fresh to order. When you place your order, you can be guaranteed your coffee was roasted within 32 hours of being shipped.

Sustainably Grown

Our farms are certified USDA organic and any other coffees we source are sourced with the most ethical and sustainable practices possible. Caring about our industry as a whole is our goal.

Fast Shipping

We want to get your coffee to you as fast as humanly possible. We do our best to ship all orders placed before noon that very same day! 

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