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Cascara Tea

Cascara Tea

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If you’ve never heard of cascara before then don’t worrymost coffee lovers haven’t! Cascara literally translates to “husk” in Spanish, and that is exactly what it is: the skin or the husk of the coffee cherry fruit. Cascara has two main uses at our family farms: 


Use 1: Using specific varieties of coffee cherries from specific areas of the farm, we will process this coffee very strategically to collect the cascara, wash it, and then dry on our raised air beds. This must be done very intentionally as it requires constant monitoring to ensure the cascara is drying properly. The end result is deliciously floral and spice forward cascara that can be steeped like a loose-leaf tea and enjoyed as such. Cascara doesn’t taste anything like coffee and contains about 20% the amount of caffeine when compared to a coffee counterpart, but is a great option to have around the house for those that enjoy the tasting notes of lighter coffees or floral teas.  


Use 2: Cascara that isn’t strategically separated to be exported goes through our normal coffee processing too; However, the husk is separated from the bean during wet washing and is then transported to a holding chamber. Throughout the season we’ll collect cascara in this chamber (which often looks like a mountain during harvest season) and spread it along the farm as organic fertilizer. Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite ways of using all parts of the coffee cherry on the farm in a sustainable and organic way. 

  • Coffee Cherry Tea
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    • The Perfect Bag Size

      We offer our coffees in 12oz, 2lb, and 5lb bag options. If you're curious about the number of cups of coffee (6oz servings) each bag can provide, we have all the details for you!

      12oz = 23 cups

      2lb = 60 cups

      5lb = 151 cups

    • Brewing Tips

      To unlock an extraordinary cup of coffee, we recommend:

      • Using freshly ground coffee
      • Using 15grams of coffee per 250ml of water per serving
      • Using your preferred brewing method

      Check out our Brewing Guides for more!

    Choose Your Best Grind

    Understanding Grind Types

    Whole Bean

    Maximize your coffee experience by grinding your own whole beans. The flexibility of a grinder allows you to grind fresh and specifically for your brewing device. It's one extra step, but trust us, it is so worth it ;)

    Best For: All Methods

    Regular/Keurig (Ground)

    This fine-medium grind is perfect for drip machines, keurigs, or aeropresses. It is the most commonly used size, making it a safe option when gifting coffee to a friend or if you are unsure of what grind type to get.

    Best For: Drip Machines, Keurig Machines, Aeropress

    Chemex (Ground)

    For Chemex enthusiasts, the coffee grind is coarser compared to other pour over options. This grind size is ideal due to thicker Chemex filters, which slow down water during extraction.

    Best For: Chemex

    Pour Over (Ground)

    This medium-coarse grind is ideal for fans of pour overs like the V60. For optimal results, we recommend using with paper filters.

    Best For: Pour Overs (Not Chemex)

    French Press (Ground)

    Perfect for any submersion brewing methods such as the french press or cold brew. This extra coarse grind will be the perfect grind for you!

    Best For: French Press, Cold Brew

    Espresso (Ground)

    Ideal if you have an espresso machine but not recommended! If you are looking for espresso fine coffee, please take note that we recommend you purchase an espresso grinder and do not recommend purchasing coffee ground for espresso from us. Although we will do it, calibration is key to a perfect shot of 'spro. There are over 20 options in espresso finely ground coffee and we'll grind based on what works best on our espresso machine for the day.

    Best For: Espresso