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Chemex brewing methods

About this Brewing Device

If we're talking manual pour over methods of coffee, the Chemex is our favorite! Invented by a chemist and physicist, the Chemex was originally inspired by laboratory funnels in 1941 and has quickly become a favored product in specialty coffee.


The patented design and lab filter paper create what we describe as a beautifully vibrant and complex cup of coffee. Not only will this brewing device look perfect near your coffee station, but we can guarantee you will love how your coffee tastes with this device. To see how we like to brew with a Chemex, check out our brewing guide HERE.

Learn More About Brewing

Our Brewing Philosophy

To ensure the perfect cup, we recommend brewing Alma coffee by:

❤️ Using freshly ground coffee

❤️ Using 15 grams of coffee per 250ml of water (or about 2 tbsp of coffee per 6oz of water) for each serving

❤️ Using your preferred brewing method

Alma Coffee is meant to be fun and experimental. Adjust our measurements to your taste based on how you enjoy your fresh cup of coffee. Try unlocking new experiences with your favorite roast by brewing over Cold Brew or Espresso

Check out our Brew Guides for more!

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