Get to Know Loralai!

Let us introduce you to Loralai! Made in California (Major Cochella Vibes) she is the future of coffee roasting. We sat down with our Master Roaster, Harry to discuss what makes Loralai and Loring so special! 

Why did you decide to go with the Loring? 

We at Alma believe Loring is the future of coffee roasting. The decision stems from two reasons: USA Made and Low Environmental Impact

As a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, it is extremely important to support and do business with US Companies. Each Loring is crafted in Santa Rosa, California by a skilled team of artisans and coffee roasters.

In regards to the low environmental impact, Our roaster achieves Up to 80% fuel-savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast, compared to conventional roasters.Our family farm, Finca Terrerito is USDA Organic. We wanted to keep that same theme with our roastery in Holly Springs, which is why the Loring is fit for the job!

Does the Loring effect how the coffee roasts?

Tons! At pivotal points of each roast each degree in temperature and seconds at that temperature play a huge role in flavor development. The extreme precision she allows us to roast with gives us the ability to manipulate the roast and bring out the best of the best in each batch of coffee. Best of all, when I have found that roast profile customers love, I can repeat that same profile again and again.

Any new roasts you are working on?

We currently have a coffee from a good friend, Victor Lopez. It is a honey process with beautiful notes of orange, chocolate, red grapes, and raisin. I’m currently taking a light roast to it to preserve the flavors and characteristics of the coffee. I am excited for everyone to try it soon!

If you would like to see how a Loring Roaster is made, check out Part 1 and 2 of How It’s Made: Loring Coffee Roaster

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you would like to pay Loralai a visit and see her beauty first hand. Keep up with our social media @myalmacoffee for announcements on roastery events!

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