Before we hired our Digital Media Manager, Kelley, to write blogs for Alma, our co-owners Harry and Leticia updated our Alma-nac blog with important company announcements and occasional updates from their latest traveling adventures. These pre-Kelley blogs ranged from their time starting Copan Coffee Roasters to the first year of Alma Coffee's existence. 

Following a re-branding and website update, these specific blogs were removed from the website and  moved into the "Alma Vault": a top-secret, encrypted file storage location hidden deep in the depths of the Alma Coffee website where old blogs and limited edition roasts are permanently stored. 

However, just like with the Disney Vault, we occasionally parse through these old postings for inspiration, and we recently realized that an occasional "From The Vault" blog post might be a good way to peer back to a simpler time when our business was first getting started. 

This week we want to introduce you to an old blog post from October of 2018 titled "Copan Coffee Take Australia." This was such a cool original post by Leticia, and showed the raw enthusiasm Leticia and Harry both had (and still do) for this coffee business. 


Why Travel 20 hours to go Down Under? You Guessed!

The idea to go to Australia started with a great fare deal through Delta. It was a once in a lifetime deal, so we had to go. Australia has a massive coffee culture: Big coffee chains virtually don't exist in Australia simply because Australians prefer to shop local, so we knew we'd feel right at home.

What was our Objective in Coming to Australia?

With our Harvest at Finca La Unica and Finca Terrerito less than a month away, we wanted to introduce the Australian coffee roasting market to how great our Honduran green beans were!

We brought samples of our green bean and handed them out to local roasters interested in adding Honduran coffee to their menu. Additionally, we wanted to get inspiration for the retail side of coffee--In case you didn't know, Copan Coffee Roasters (CCR) will be having a retail coffee shop and roastery very soon (we are working on putting final build out plans together), and we wanted to get international inspiration. 

We thought, "where better than Sydney & Melbourne, home to many of the world's championship baristas?" and we were right!

Where Do We Hope This Leads?

For us, traveling to Australia is huge! I mean, can you imagine Honduran coffee farmers bringing green bean samples of THEIR coffee 20 hours by plane to Australia? 

We are truly blessed to be able to do what we do, and, as such, we take our responsibility in representing Honduras, Honduran coffee, & Honduran coffee farmers seriously. Meeting roasters face to face, talking to them about the CCR difference & how they can be a part of that difference, and then handing them our green been product is something that is simply NEVER done! 

It is our hopes that these steps help coffee farmers worldwide by continuing to encourage roasters to buy green bean directly from farmers.

Want to Help with the Copan Coffee Difference?

Keep spreading the word about us, our coffee, and how we are changing the coffee industry for the better! Each new connection we make is an opportunity to bring awareness about the importance of direct trade in coffee.

Until our next trip down under, thanks for supporting our direct-trade coffee mission!

We hope you enjoyed this select vintage blog post written in 2018 by our very own Leticia Hutchins! We'll occasionally parse through the Alma-Vault to find treasures like this, but for now: how do you think their green bean international sales trip went? Did Copan Coffee Roasters, now known as Alma Coffee, acquire any Australian roasting clients? Let us know in the comments what you think!