• Supplies Needed:

    • Hario V60
    • Corresponding Hario V60 Filter
    • 30g (2 tbsp) of Coffee
    • 500ml of Boiling Water
    • Gooseneck Kettle
    • Scale
    • Timer


    2 Cups of Coffee (6oz)

    Please multiply accordingly

  • Instructions:

    1. Measure out 30 grams of coffee (2 tablespoons). Keep in mind per every 6oz serving of brewed coffee, you want to use 1 gram of coffee or the equivalent of 1 tablespoon worth of coffee
    2. If grinding your beans fresh, make sure you grind is medium-coarse
    3. Pre wet the filter to remove any unwanted paper taste by placing the filter inside the V60 and pouring boiling water in circular motions around it. Pour out the water without removing the filter and it's suction from the V60
    4. Pour your measured coffee grounds into the pre wet filter. Place the V60 with the filter and grounds atop it's carafe on top of the scale and tare the scale
  • 5. Start the timer and pour about 50ml of boiling water from your gooseneck kettle in circular motions over your coffee grounds. Swirl your V60 to ensure your coffee grounds are evenly wet

    6. Wait about 30 seconds to allow your coffee to bloom

    7. Pour an additional 250ml of boiling water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion

    8. Wait about 15 seconds and pour the remaining 200ml of boiling water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion

    9. Once the brewed coffee from the V60 begins to drip in droplets, remove the V60 from the carafe and swirl to ensure you integrate the brewed coffee for an even extraction in every sip

    10. Get ready to be caffeinated!

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