• Supplies Needed:

    • Hario Cold Brew Carafe
    • 120g (8 tbsp) of Coffee
    • 1L of Purified & Ambient Drinking Water


    12 Cups of Coffee (6oz)

    Please multiply accordingly


    • Please note that this recipe brews a Cold Brew concentrate
    • It is not recommended to drink the concentrate without mixing with water
    • We recommend mixing each serving with a 1:1 ratio of water and Cold Brew Concentrate
    • The concentrate can last up to 2 weeks when stored in the fridge
  • Instructions:

    1. Measure out 120 grams of coffee (8 tbsp)
    2. If grinding, make sure you grind is very coarse, it should look like flaky sea salt
    3. Pour the coffee grounds into the bottom of the empty Cold Brew filter and place the filter inside the carafe
    4. Using intervals to avoid overflows of water, pour the 1 Liter of water atop the coffee grounds and into the carafe. This will take a few minutes, pour water slowly and mix with a spoon. Repeat until all water has been poured through the coffee grounds
    5. Place the Hario lid on top of the carafe and place the entire carafe inside the fridge for 20-24 hours
    6. Once the 20-24 hours have passed, remove the aluminum filter with the coffee grounds from the carafe
    7. Mix with 50% water per serving and serve over ice
    8. Get ready to be caffeinated!

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