• Supplies Needed:

    • Aeropress
    • Corresponding Aeropress Filter
    • 15g (1 tbsp) of Coffee
    • 230ml of Boiling Water


    1 Cup of Coffee (6oz)

    Please multiply accordingly

  • Instructions:

    1. Measure out 15 grams of coffee (1 tbsp) and pour into your AeroPress
    2. If grinding, make sure you grind is a tad finer, it should look like pre ground table salt
    3. Place a filter sheet inside the AeroPress lid and pre-wet it with boiling water. This will ensure a cleaner cup of coffee
    4. Add 30ml of boiling water atop the coffee grounds inside the AeroPress and stir. We recommend allowing the coffee to bloom for 10-15 seconds
    5. Add the remaining 200ml of boiling water into the coffee mixture and stir again
    6. Screw on the AeroPress lid with the filter in place
    7. Place the funnel inside your favorite drinkware, flip the AeroPress 180 degrees and connect with the funnel. Press the plunger of the AeroPress to release the coffee into your cup
    8. Get ready to be caffeinated!

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