The Canister Program

Our idea for a refillable canister originated in a brainstorming session of asking ourselves the question "how can we continue to implement more sustainable practices?" As much as we love our packaging (we really really do), we knew it would be so much more environmentally friendly to find a re-usable alternative.

With our re-fillable canister, you can have your cake and eat it too! Not only do you get an aesthetic and chic canister to display on your counter-top, but you're also saving money!! The 1lb canister pays itself off in roughly 7 refills, and the 2.5lb canister pays itself off in about 5 refills. Plus, you get to see our smiling faces every time you need a refill. Massive selling point! The canister is the best way to get more bang for your buck!

  • Aesthetics

    Made of 18.8 restaurant grade brushed stainless steel with a matte painted exterior finish, these canisters are laser etched so you won't have to worry about the logo coming off. Featuring a rubber padded bottom for no counter sliding, we recommend hand washing both the lid and canister. The canisters are made of BPA free components and are food safe.

  • Save Money

    The canister essentially pays for itself! Every time you come into Alma for your re-fill you are getting a pound of coffee for the same price as a 12 oz bag. For example, if you come into Alma at least once a month for your canister refill, that's roughly 48 ounces of coffee you're getting for free over a year?!?! Talk about a steal!!

  • We get to see you!

    This last one is more to our benefit, but since the canister can only be re-filled in person, it gives us a reason to see your shining face a little more often! So, if you can't buy it for yourself, buy it for us, because we love getting to talk and hang out with you!