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Meet the 2022 Alma Familia!
We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to our growing team of coffee lovers, creatives, and downright amazing...
Introducing our NEW 2.0 Website!
Read a brief overview of the NEW changes to our website, from new product photos, descriptions, and optimizations!
What is Cascara?
If you are looking for something “new” in the coffee world to sip on during your early morning wake-up routine,...
How to Camp with Coffee
Learn the ins and outs of brewing your favorite coffees at your favorite camp spots.
How to Navigate a Coffee Label
Learn the ins and outs of how to read, navigate, and understand a coffee label!
What is Specialty Coffee?
This week, we answer a simple question: What is so special about "specialty" coffee?
Flash Brew Coffee 101
Want to make delicious iced coffee at home but keep getting watered down results? Learn the secrets of "flash brew"...
Does Coffee Freshness Really Matter?
There's a lot of buzz around the internet about coffee freshness, but what is fact and what is fiction?
Roasts You Should Know: Honey Process
Learn everything there is to know about Alma's Honey Process roast, from origin, processing, roasting, and brewing!
8 Great Mother's Day Coffee Gifts
Don't wait until the last minute: find the perfect coffee gift for mom in this year's Mother's Day Gift Guide!
Our Steps Toward a Sustainable Coffee Future [2022]
Learn about the latest sustainable investments we've made at our Holly Springs, GA warehouse and roastery to help mitigate the...
The Mujeres Roast: Honoring Women Within the Coffee Industry (2023)
In line with International Women Day’s 2022 theme of #breakthebias, Alma is bringing special attention to female leaders who have broken...
What is Coffee Processing?
What is it mean to "wash" coffee? Learn about the different coffee processing methods used to turn raw coffee cherry...
♻️ Recyclable Mailers are HERE!
We'd like to introduce you to the newest addition in our growing list of sustainable practices here at Alma Coffee: 100% Recyclable...
Valentine's Day Date Guide 2022
Looking for date ideas in North Georgia that won't break the bank this Valentine's Day? Check out this budget-friendly list of V-Day...
Coffee: The Healthiest Pre-Workout Option of 2023
We have good news for those with 2022 fitness goals: coffee is actually healthier and more effective than workout supplements,...
5 new ways to enjoy coffee in 2022 (and save money doing it)!
A new year means new coffee resolutions, right? Check out this quick list of 5 new ways you can enjoy...
2021: A Year in Re-Brew
A list of Alma's 2021 most favorite moments and accomplishments, in no particular order (we promise).
Easy-to-Make Holiday Coffee Cocktails
Four of the web's most delicious holiday caffeinated cocktails!
2021 Holiday Coffee Gifts Under $50
Looking for a great holiday coffee gift that won't break the bank? We found the best deals and items to...
Alma's Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal Breakdown
From 11/22 to 11/29 only, save BIG on your favorite farm-to-cup coffees!
Community Spotlight: Circle of Friends
Since opening earlier this year, Circle of Friends has been providing adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) opportunities for employment, socialization,...
Alma's Environmental Certifications and What They Mean
If you've ever stopped in to our roastery, you may have noticed these five certifications on our gallery wall...
Top 3 Reasons to Buy Whole Bean Coffee
Is whole bean really that much better than pre-ground coffee? Find out on this week's blog!
Arabica and Robusta
You’ve probably heard of Arabica and Robusta in your coffee drinking experience, but what’s the difference?
Top 4 Threats to the Future of Coffee Farming
These 4 macro issues are causing coffee prices to spike across the world. Learn what they are and what you...
Expresso or Espresso?
One of the oldest debates of coffee history revolves around one simple question... is it pronounced "espresso" or "expresso?"
Why Does Coffee Give Me Energy?
Have you ever wondered, especially after your first cup, why your favorite Alma Coffee gives you energy?
The Hawk | 2019 - 2021 | Alma-Obituaries
Our dear bird friend Mr. Hawk recently passed away, so we wanted to give him the proper obituary.
From the Alma-Vault:
Before Alma, our very own Leticia and Harry Hutchins updated a regular blog/journal that documented their first years in the...
Which has more caffeine, Light or Dark roasts?
When it comes to light and dark roast coffees, which one actually has more caffeine?
Meet Matt Mullins: Our New Head Roaster
Join us for an exclusive interview with our new head roaster Matt Mullins, a true industry expert with over 14...
We Tried Hot Sauce in Coffee so You Don't Have to
Hot sauce in coffee? That's right... Watch us (painstakingly) try the latest coffee/internet trend!
How Your Alma Coffee Purchase Improves Lives
Meet Carmen and Marcial, two team members whose lives have been directly improved by the support of people just like...
What is Nitro Cold Brew?
You may have seen nitro cold brew here and there or at Alma Coffee’s pop-up cafe, but what actually is...
Does Coffee Grind Size Matter?
This week, we answer a question as old as time: does coffee grind size actually matter?
The Evolution of Manual Coffee Brewing pt. 1
In part 1 of 2, we walk you through the history of coffee brewing starting with the first (patented) manual...
What Makes Decaf, Decaf?
To clear up any confusion you might have about the difference between decaf and regular coffee, we are dedicated this...
Meet the Alma Familia!
Learn more about the faces behind your favorite cup of coffee in this week's Alma-nac blog post!
Top 6 Coffee Cocktails for Summer 2021
We'll be sharing our top 6 favorite Coffee Cocktails for the Summer of 2021 and trying them out in an...
What is coffee blooming?
Not to be confused with blooming flowers, coffee "blooming" is an important and often overlooked aspect of the brewing process.
How to Use The Coffee Flavor Wheel
This week, we want to introduce you to the iconic Coffee Flavor Wheel, explain why it exists, and then show you how to use this...
Roasts You Should Know: Belen Gualcho (2021)
Learn everything you need to know about our lightest and brightest coffee roast, Belen Gualcho.
Sustainable Practices from Farm to Cup
This Earth Day, we wanted to give you an insider’s perspective on how our family farm, Finca Terrerito, has helped Alma...
Evolution of the Alma Warehouse
Our warehouse has grown a lot since we first started roasting in 2018. Join us on a written tour of our...
The Five Most Common Espresso Drinks
For this week’s Alma-nac blog post we walk you through the five most common espresso drinks you'll find in any...
Trying out a Coffee Lager
Follow the first-person journey of brewing, tasting, and finalizing Reformation Brewery's newest "Java JOGR" summer beer from our own in-house...