Travel Diaries: Touring an Australian Coffee Plantation Read that Right, Coffee Growing in Australia

While we were planning our coffee tour throughout Australia, we knew we just had to get over to Cairnes to see the Great Barrier Reef. Unknowingly, we ended up in a coffee plantation all thanks to a small sign we read in the airport. We drove an hour and a half up to Jaques Coffee Plantation and discovered the most special place. We have been to plenty of coffee farms in the Americas...but Australia?

So What Did we Learn?

Well the topography was very different. Jaques has 80 acres worth of coffee farms on flat land and because of this, they use, and even invented machinery to pick coffee. ONE person does all their coffee harvesting using a machine! For reference, our coffee farm topography in Honduras is all mountains so we have to pick all coffee by hand, 250 people every year!

We also saw they use butterfly sprinklers to water their coffee, their harvest season is very dry so they strategically water their trees at night to reduce the amount of water evaporated by the sun. Drying their green bean is not an issue. In Honduras we rely on mother to nature to provide water to our crop. Our most common issue with this comes to drying our coffee, imagine trying to dry something outside while its raining! 

In the End...

To sum things up we had a great conversation about how even all the way around the world, coffee farming alone is not sustainable for Jaques. They expanded their concept to include roasting, coffee shops, an education center, and coffee tours (segways & even helicopter tours). Coffee, the second most traded commodity in the world should not have this issue.

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special shoutout to Luke for going the extra mile and hosting us!


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