Christmas is just around the corner, and If you’re still searching for the best gift for a coffee lover in your life Alma Coffee is here to save the 2021 holiday season!

We combed the web for (what we think are) the best coffee gifts this holiday season. In search of value and quality, we laid out 8 of the best gifts our search engines shared with us as well as a few of the best gifts on our site, so read ahead to see some great 2021 coffee holiday gifts that will brighten up any coffee drinker’s Christmas morning!

POWERLIX Milk Frother 

Milk frother advertisement

For many people, milk is an absolute requirement with every cup of coffee. If you know somebody who wants to bring the magic of café-style frothy milk to their own home, then this PowerLix milk frother is the perfect gift. 

In just a few seconds, you can turn dairy, oat, and nut-based milk into a creamy cold foam that rests perfectly atop any cup of black coffee (especially nutty coffees like our Passion roast). 

The PowerLix milk frother is battery powered and comes with a stainless steel stand for easy countertop storage. The frother is also made of high quality, food grade stainless steel ensuring that your PowerLix frother will never rust.

Shop for PowerLix Milk Frothers here.

Airscape Coffee Canister 

Coffee canister advertisement

We love these Airscape Coffee Canisters. No, seriously, we LOVE them. We even made a whole infomercial about how great they are. 

The canister, which is available on our website right now in custom-etched Alma Coffee glory, comes in matte black or white finishes. On top of that, it is made from BPA food-grade parts, has a rubber padded bottom to prevent slipping and sliding, and is patented with a guarantee to keep your coffee way fresher for way longer. 

Oh! and it while makes a really cool *pshhhhh* noise every time you open and close the lid. That alone makes our morning better here at the Alma Coffee roastery.

Shop for AirScape Coffee Canisters here.


Coffee breing guide advertisement

Although we love our brew guides, the art of coffee brewing can quickly become complicated when you move away from normal drip machines. Finding a one-stop beginner's reference for manual brewing isn't exactly easy.

A great gift idea for any coffee lover, the “basics of brewing coffee” is an easy-to-reference guidebook published by the official source of authority on all things coffee, the  Speciality Coffee Association. Looking to invest in an espresso machine in 2022? It has the basics of dialing and grinding. Wondering why your pour-over isn’t tasting like you’d want it? Check out the section on blooming. What about that AeroPress you won in dirty santa last holiday season? You better believe they have all the essentials to get started.  

Whatever you might need, this handbook is a great thing to have around in the early morning (or late night) coffee brewing hours.  

Shop for a “Basics Of Coffee Brewing” Handbook here.


Pearl coffee scale advertisement

If pour overs are an essential part of your coffee experience, you can’t get a better coffee scale experience than with the sleekly designed Pearl by Acaia. 

With adaptive real-time flow-rate indicators, easy-to-use timer and tare systems, and a handy smartphone app that guides you through the basics of pour over techniques, the Pearl is trusted by coffee experts ranging from James Hoffman to our very own in-house AeroPress expert

Starting at $150, the Pearl is in the price range to be a meaningful gift that won’t completely break the bank, and we can say from experience at our own pop-up cafe that these scales are built to last through any amount of wear and tear.

Shop Pearl coffee scales here.


Coffee Nitro Cold Brew maker advertisement

Are you one of those people that wishes more coffee shops carried nitro cold brew more regularly? What if we told you making nitro at home is way easier than you might think!

We genuinely love this Nitro Cold Brew Maker. No seriously, we’ve been giving it free shoutouts on our blog all throughout 2021. Outside of the sleek design and easy setup, what makes this Nitro Cold Brew Maker a must for iced coffee lovers is how easy it is to clean up between brews. For anyone that’s ever had to make nitro cold brew in a keg, you already know why most coffee shops avoid keeping it in stock altogether. 

Starting at $199, this is definitely one of those gifts you wait to open last on Christmas morning; but, unlike a nose hair trimmer or extra golf clubs, this gift can be enjoyed by everyone in the family for years to come. 

Shop Ukeg Nitro Cold Brew Makers here.


Coffee gift box advertisement

IMPORTANT: order before Dec. 13th to ensure it arrives prior to Dec. 25th!

Our new customizable Alma Holiday Boxes are another great option for sharing the love of Alma coffee this holiday season. Starting at just $25, these under-the-tree ready Holiday Boxes come in three options and are designed to take the stress out of gift-giving.

Option 1 comes with one 12oz. coffee bag of your choice plus our super cool double-sided Alma can glass; Option 2 comes with two 12oz. coffee bags of your choice plus one of our hand-etched Alma mugs with white, red, or blue interior; and Option 3 comes with one 12oz bag of your choice, three 4oz. coffee samples of your choice, and an Airscape Re-fillable Canister filled with 16oz. of your roast choice—that's 2.5 lbs of coffee! 

No matter which option you choose you can be sure your recipient will appreciate the Alma love this holiday season, and all options feature a customizable note that will be the first thing your recipient sees upon opening their gift box! 

Shop Customizable Alma Gift Boxes here.


Spinn Coffee machine advertisement

If you know a coffee lover seeking to easily expand their coffee palate in 2022, then the Spin Coffee Machine is the perfect gift for those willing to justify a $799 price tag.

Spinn has been the potential 8th wonder of the coffee world since the company started accepting pre-orders for their single-serve, auto-grind, & app-controlled coffee machine back in 2015. That’s right: this coffee machine is what we all dreamt future technology would be like in our youth. Simply load your roasted whole bean into Spinn’s hopper, fill with water every week or so, and you can brew whatever type of coffee you want from the Spinn app while waiting in bed. 

We’ve heard that pre-ordering a Spinn machine several months into the future earns a discount, and they are accepting orders for January of 2022 now!

Shop for Spinn Machines here.

Alma COFFEE CLUB SubscrIption

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