Meet Don Victor

Victor is the man behind the beloved

Victor's Honey Bright Roast!

Part of our model here at Alma is that we have direct relationships with other coffee farmers as well. We call these "Almadoptions". By doing this, we not only increase the amount of high quality coffee we're able to bring to you; but we also further invest in the coffee industry. Buying directly from farmers allows us to cut out the middle men which gives the farmer a fairer price. Keep following our social updates for a blog all about how our Almadoptions work! 

Don Victor is a 3rd generation coffee farmer and has been farming coffee since 1965, making him one of the most experienced farmers among our Almadoptions. His experience shows as his coffees have consistently ranked among the best in Honduran competitions. Don Victor takes great pride in his washed and honey processed coffees.

One step onto Victor's farm and you'll fall in love with his kindhearted spirit and his beautiful coffee trees overlooking the sharp mountains of Copan, Honduras.

The Lopez family, has known Victor's family for generations. They all grew up together in the small town of Corquín. Al and Victor grew up playing together as kids. The family's had always been friends and supported each other as neighbors do. As adults, when they were both farming coffee they found themselves spending together again. Al Lopez and Victor spent more and more time together as they spoke on farming techniques and how to better the industry. Victor grew up working in construction and helping his family with small coffee farm lots. When his dad lent him a small parcel of land he planted coffee of his own and dedicated himself full time to coffee farming. Victor has since inherited his father's properties and has invested in creating quality coffee from it. Victor has two sons and two daughters; both boys are coffee farmers. With significant sacrifices in the family, one was able to attend university and is an agronomer, you may know as Marvin! Victor focuses on quality coffee which differentiates him from others, his coffee has even won various international awards! He is happy to be working with Alma Coffee as he believes Alma will be able to help his grandkids have a better quality of life.

From generations past to now, we've always been dedicated to serving and uplifting our neighbors. We hope you feel  you've gained a neighbor in Alma and in Victor, as far away as his is.

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